I am a Year 12 student currently studying at Senior school. I joined the Trinity BaCoNeers in March of 2016. I started out working with the build team and designed 3D Parts in Blender and developed the cascading lift mechanism for our team. 

In 2017, I was a member of Team Oceania and took on the role of Head of the Programming team when we won the Einstein Award in Washington.  In the 2018, I captained, Team Australia at the World Adolescent Robotics Contest in Guiyang, China. I am still the Programming team Captain but I have mainly focused on autonomous and mentoring the new programmers and teams from around the world.

I enjoy making drones,as well as creating and playing video games with my friends.  I captained the first eSports team at our school. My favourite subjects are Maths, PE and Outdoor Education. I am colour-blind and dyslexic making it difficult for me to write. As part of Team Oceania, I helped make ‘Nathan’s Video to inspire dyslexic students to join robotics.  I plan to be a professional Mechatronic engineer when I leave school.

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